As you take a look through this site, you can read some of the feedback that we have received from families that have visited breastfeeding groups throughout Kent.

All the breastfeeding services provided through the current Kent County Infant Feeding Services contract are there for you.  We really value everything you tell us about the services and we endeavour to make changes and improvements based on your feedback.

Examples –

You told us that at times the room we were using at Little Forest Children’s Centre wasn’t large enough to accomodate everyone who attended on a Tuesday morning.  At times, partners and other family members had to wait outside so that they didn’t use up chairs that were needed for new mothers.
We moved the breastfeeding group to the super large creche room within the Children’s Centre so that we could accomodate everyone more comfortably and make sure that partners and family members could stay together and older children had lots of toys to keep them busy.

Waiting times increased at the Maidstone breastfeeding group at the Salvation Army due to a high demand for specialist help in the area.
We added a second specialist to the group so that we could reduce the time everyone had to wait to speak to a specialist.

The Kent County Infant Feeding Services contract started in October 2014.  PSBreastfeeding CIC has now been providing the following services across Kent for 2 years and we would appreciate any feedback you would like to share with us.  We’re not made of glass so be honest.  If you think we could be doing better, tell us how.  If you’ve had an amazing experience, let us know.  If you want to thank a member of the team, we can pass along that message.

What we do –

  • Provide specialist breastfeeding support across Kent at 18 Breastfeeding Groups with Lactation Consultants and Breastfeeding Counsellors.
  • Train and support volunteer Breastfeeding Peer Supporters who provide mum to mum support at almost 30 drop in breastfeeding groups across the 12 districts of Kent.
  • Provide breastfeeding support through our Phoneline, Website and Facebook pages throughout the week and into the evenings and weekends.
  • Training and evaluation of all Children’s Centre staff in basic breastfeeding knowledge as they move towards UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative accreditation (Awarded Level 1 Status in August 2016).
  • Distributed over 200 Breastfeeding Welcome stickers and information packs to local businesses (cafes, libraries, restaurants and shops) across Kent so far.

In April of 2016 we received a grant from the Sevenoaks District Local Children’s Partnership Group to provide the following –

  • In June we trained 8 volunteers and 3 staff in babywearing peer support.
  • In September we started running sling libraries throughout the Sevenoaks District to share the joys of babywearing, encourage close contact and attachment between young children and their carers, promote sling safety, and give families access to different carriers to use at home for a small fee.

If you would like to give us some feedback then please use the form below.  If you would rather stay anonymous, we have not made the name or email address required fields.  If you do leave your contact details, we will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

You can also provide feedback via our phoneline, Facebook page or by emailing

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