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Volunteering as a breastfeeding peer supporter is a hugely rewarding experience. Many women train to become peer supporters after receiving help and support from other peer supporters during their own breastfeeding journeys.

There are different opportunities to train in breastfeeding peer support in the UK (Find the links here). The Breastfeeding peer supporters in Kent who provide support in Kent Sure Start Children’s Centres will now be supervised and trained by The Health Visiting Team who are funded by Kent County Council.

On this page you will find information about the time commitments needed to train and volunteer as a breastfeeding peer supporter and about opportunities for training coming up in your area. You can contact The Children’s Centre at any time if you are interested in training by visiting this website and applying online

What’s involved in training to become a volunteer breastfeeding peer supporter

  1. Children’s Centre volunteer training differs a little depending on your area but usually consists of 2-6 training sessions covering safeguarding, diversity, information sharing, health & safety.
  2. The post is subject to an Enhanced Disclosure Application to the Disclosure and Barring Service.
  3. An accredited 16 hour breastfeeding Peer Supporter training.

At the end of the accredited 16 hour training course the peer supporter will be able to –

  1. Discuss the anatomy and physiology of the breast and how breastfeeding works.
  2. Provide information and signposting for common problems.
  3. Be able to recognise when a referral is needed and the appropriate referral pathway.
  4. Be able to use a range of appropriate communication skills for one to one conversations and group work.
  5. Reflect upon their own role as a volunteer.

Time Commitment

  • A 30 minute interview at the Children’s Centre (usually the training location)
  • Travel to the Children’s Centre to submit identification for DBS application
  • Completion of the Children’s Centre volunteer training (usually 2-6 sessions of 2hrs each)
  • Completion of the Breastfeeding Peer Supporter training (usually 8 sessions of 2hrs each)
  • A completion interview to determine next steps (30 minutes)
  • Graduation ceremony (1 hour)
  • Commitment to volunteer at least once a month (1.5-3hrs minimum per month)
  • Attendance at a minimum of 4 enrichment sessions annually (8hrs/year)

We will always recruit breastfeeding peer supporters for specific groups that need your help, so please make sure that you are available to volunteer your time both during the entire training course and at the determined group afterwards.

Once you have decided to apply as a volunteer peer supporter in Kent then you can apply using the application form on the Children’s Centre website –

Apply Here


If you have additional questions then please contact your local Children’s Centre or your Health Visitor