PSBreastfeeding CIC is a small non-profit Community Interest Company working across Kent providing information and support to local families.

We raise funds in various ways –

Donations from families

Make a Paypal donation

If you would like to make a donation towards our future projects, please use the link below.  (You do not need a Paypal account to donate)

Make a cash donation

You can make a cash donation at any of our specialist breastfeeding groups across Kent.

Funds from various additional services we have on offer

We provide various paid services which help fund our free services

  • Specialist breastfeeding home visits
  • Kent Sling Library
  • Breastpump rental

Support PSBreastfeeding CIC for free

Shop using the Easy Fundraising website

Easy Fundraising logo

Register with Easy Fundraising and choose PSBreastfeeding CIC as your cause.  Any online purchase you then make through the Easy Fundraising website will then lead to a small % being donated to us from the store.

Recycle with us

We collect a number of items that are not recycled by your local Council.  When we have collected enough, it gets posted to various companies who then donate a small amount to PSBreastfeeding CIC.

You can drop off items to the Kent Sling Library locations throughout the month.  If you live near Sevenoaks, message us for a home address if you need to drop off out of hours (

The items that we collect will be reduced over the next 3 months.  A lot of the items we have collected over the last few years are now recycled easily at your local supermarket, and sorting recycling has started to take up too much time.  We have been thrilled to do our bit for the environment by recycling over 500,000 items.  We will continue to recycle the following items that (as far as we know) are not recylced easily after August 1st, 2022 –

  • Pringles tubes, seals and lids
  • Any beauty packaging that can’t be recycled by your local Council
  • Any brand of disposable gloves including washing up gloves
  • Any brand of toothpaste tubes, toothbrush, electric toothbrush head and the plastic packaging they come in
  • Kinder Chocolate packaging, including yellow plastic toy containers
  • Lavazza Ecocaps & Ueshima coffee pods
  • BabyBel cheese packaging and nets

Local supermarkets that accept soft plastic for recycling as far as we can determine are – Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Coop.  I’ll link to example of the items accepted.

Check our Facebook page for regular drop off locations.

Dover Lotto

Choose PSBreastfeeding CIC as your cause when playing the Dover Lotto.  You do not have to live in Dover to play.  It costs £1 to play and 50p goes to your chosen cause.