PSBreastfeeding CIC has pumps available in West Kent to rent for any reason.

What are breast pumps?

A breast pump is a machine that is used to remove milk from the breast.  Many women are able to hand express breastmilk, but may find that using a pump is quicker and easier.  A double pump can remove milk from both breasts at the same time.

The majority of pumps we have available ARDO Calypso breast pumps, with Pump Genie and Ameda available in some areas.  These are electric pumps with the ability to pump either one or two breasts at the same time.  The collection kits provided with these pumps use a flexible membrane which prevents milk from getting to the motor, allowing these pumps to be used by multiple users.

ARDO Calypso Breast Pump Video Instructions

The Cost

When a breast pump is loaned you receive a pump motor and power cord along with disposable collection kits.  The pump is returned at the end of the one month loan period but the collection kits are not.  The pump (motor + power cord) can be rented for £15 each month plus the cost of collection kits.  You can buy as many collection kits as you need at £10 each.  The kits are then yours to keep once your hire is finished.  If you already have ARDO kits from your hospital stay or a previous pumping experience then you can use them with any of the pumps we have available.  There are no charges for families receiving healthy start vouchers.

How can I hire a breastpump?

  • Visit your local Kent Baby Matters breastfeeding group and speak to the breastfeeding counsellor or lactation consultant.
  • Email
  • Call Karen at 07951600777
  • Message through the website on the Contact Us page.
  • Message through our Facebook page.
  • For out of hours collection or drop off in Sevenoaks 24/7 contact Karen

There are a number of videos available online which go through step by step instructions on how to assemble, use and clean the ARDO Calypso Pump.  They are available for you to watch HERE.

Where else can I hire a pump?

Breast Pumps are available for hire from other organisations across Kent and the UK.  You may want to start by asking the midwives at the hospital maternity ward or your community midwife.  Local Breastfeeding Charities sometimes run pump loaning programmes –

ARDO agent Canterbury.  Hannah Croft (Lactation Consultant) – 07732 090102

NCT Medway Pump Loans –

ABM Deal Pump Loans – Thea at 07967 673084

NCT/Medela agent Sidcup.  Alison Davis – 02083 004970 or 07929 791392

ARDO agent Sidcup.  Patricia Molinari (Lactation Consultant) – 02083 002606