Soft structured carriers or buckle carriers are very popular and can be seen being used on most high streets.  There are many different brands of these carriers made in different sizes and with different fabrics and features.  They can be used for front, hip and back carries, and they can often be used from newborn to toddler (some require an insert for newborns).  Instead of tieing knots, these carriers have plastic buckles which some find easier to use.

Click on the links below to find out more about the soft structured carriers we have at the sling library –


Ergo Adapt Pearl Grey with MumErgobaby Adapt

Ergo Baby Original Mint dots
Ergo Original

BECO Soleil Arrow Image
Beco Soleil

BECO Toddler Plus One

Beco Toddler

BOBA 4G Peak Image
Boba 4G

BOBA 4G Organic Verde Image
Boba 4G Organic

iSara Foxy Baby Carrier

Nova Carrier Monster Mash
Nova Full Buckles

Connecta Standard Petite Rose Solar X.jpg
Connecta Standard Solarweave with Petite Straps

Connecta Standard Rainbow X.jpg
Connecta Standard Carrier

Connecta Toddler Grey X.jpg
Connecta Toddler Carrier

Tulip Sunshine Preschool Connecta
Preschool Connecta

Close Dx Go Khaki C
Close Caboo DX Go

Spirit Soul Sling Image
Soul Sling

Izmi Carrier

Izmi Breeze Cropped image
Izmi Breeze

Moby Comfort Image Blue
Moby Comfort

Boba Air Black Image

Boba Air

Poppy Sky Tula Image

Tula Standard

Tula Free to grow Wonder

Tula Free To Grow